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Social media can be a great tool for finding information.

You can find informative videos about a product on YouTube or listen to important live video messages on Facebook Live.

One of the best components of social media is the ability to be inspired. Inspiration can be found on just about every social media platform.

I’ve personally seen inspiring stories that will inspired me to fall in love with my spouse again. I’ve also seen tons of  inspiring weight loss stories that has motivated me in my weight loss journey.

Today, I am going share with you how you can use social media as a tool to help you lose weight.

It comes down to being intentional, organized, and a little tech savvy.

Are you ready to find out more about how to do searches and where to find some of the best weight loss advice online and on social media?

Let’s get started. First, let’s talk about visualizing yourself healthy.

Visualize Yourself Fit and Healthy

It’s easy for most people to gain weight, however, losing weight can be a bit more challenging. Weight loss starts in the mind. Here is what I mean.

One of the best pieces of advice my mom ever gave me while being overweight is to accept the person that I am now and see myself where I want to be. She meant that I had to love my physical self, which I had come to loathe after having my last child.

To remedy my feelings, I found one part of my body that I could focus on to help me love and accept myself more than I had been previously.

Visualization is a practice that was taught to me from my mom. It taught me to use my faith and hope to get the things I want. I did this when I needed to use my faith to graduate from college. You can do the same thing when it comes to losing weight.

The best tool for visualization is to use a vision board for weight loss.

Weight Loss Vision Board

A vision board consists of photos and quotes that best represent your goals. It is an outward visual look to your goals and dreams. Most people will use a cork board and pin photos from magazines or printed photos from their favorite websites. Some may also use a presentation board and glue the photos and quotes directly on the board.

Take a look at this example of a weight loss vision board from One Step to Weight Loss

Weight loss vision board to help you with your weight loss goals. Weight loss and social media.

You can duplicate the same thing quickly and easily right at home.

Weight Loss Vision Board Together with S.M.A.R.T Goals

Without a goal and plan to achieve a goal you will not reach it. While you are putting together your vision board make sure you carefully write down your weight loss goals in a journal. Break them down into smaller goals to make it easier for you.

Certified Trainer Roxy McPherson said to make S.M.A.R.T goals for weight loss in a recent interview.

A beginning formula for weight loss motivation is visualization, plus setting goals, and planning.

Social Media and Weight Loss Goals

As you begin searching for inspiration on social media remember that this is media. Most social media posts are created to appeal to the masses so there can be more shares or comments.

Make sure you are not comparing your success with others. Also, be aware of trying to implement any routines that are far beyond what you can personally handle. This includes eating changes and workouts.

Be yourself and remember to have fun with your search.

Now….on to using social media for weight loss inspiration.

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Join Facebook Groups for Weight Loss Tips, Tricks, and Support

Facebook groups have grown since my days of being on Facebook in college. It is very popular to find topics and groups of people who share your same interests. The same can be said about weight loss groups.

Facebook groups for weight loss is a free tool you can use to find every day people that are willing offer support. You also may be able to find expert support from trainers or health and fitness coaches.

If you are not on Facebook you can join easily and start getting help for your weight loss goals today.

To find weight loss groups just do a quick search in the Facebook search bar.

Search weight loss support groups on Facebook

Once you hit enter, make sure you click on the group tabs so that you can see all of the groups you can join.

Weight loss groups on Facebook

Upon joining these groups, familiarize yourself with the rules of the groups. Some of the groups are for selling weight loss products and services. So be aware.

Other groups are for support and to ask questions to members that are already in the process of losing weight.

These Facebook groups can be used to get accountability. Accountability will keep you on track when you know you have someone checking in with you to see if you are on track with challenges or eating plans, for example.

You can also use these groups to share your wins or any helpful hints you might have for weight loss.

Use Pinterest For Inspiration

Use Pinterest to get helpful tips on weight loss

Pinterest is the most inspirational social media site (in my opinion). You can find inspiration for just about anything, including weight loss.

Here, you will find short tutorials that will lead to websites and blogs that you probably wouldn’t find with just a simple Google search. Why? In short, Google has a ranking system and every website may not reach higher on the list of websites to search. That is why Pinterest can be a goldmine.

To search for boards to follow on weight loss all you need to do is type in weight loss in the search bar and then select boards. You can even start by following my health and fitness board.

Use Instagram as a Micro Blog of Meals and Workouts

Instagram is another social media platform to help you feel motivated on your journey to weight loss. As I said before with Facebook groups, and accountability, doing this will also help you stay accountable to the community you build on Instagram.

If you are brave enough you can share your meals, workouts, and your progress photos as a diary or blog.

To search for examples on how you can share your weight loss journey then search using “#weightlossjourney.” That will bring up all of the people using this hashtag (which is nothing but a way to search for specific photos and videos on Instagram).

Weight loss journey photo on Instagram

If you are looking for specific accounts to follow, try the 9 Instagram accounts for health and fitness suggested by health.com.

Also check out the Top 100 Inspirational Bloggers for Weight Loss. You will find plenty of people to follow and Pin interesting Pins on to your own weight loss or health and fitness board.


Inspired women help inspire others through the positive changes they make in their lives. Taking your brave and inspiring weight loss journey to your social media groups and platforms will help motivate others. Are you on a weight loss journey? I am. I would love to hear about yours. Make sure you leave your comments and let us know how you are doing on your program.

Weight loss inspiration can be found on social media. Here is how you can use social media to help you stay motivated in your weight loss journey.
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Stay Inspired to Lose Weight Through Social Media

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