Date night for married couples

I really needed one on one time with my husband.

Like really needed it.

We have three young children, whom I homeschool. When daddy comes home from work they are so excited, while I can barely give him a big smile. I am just exhausted sometimes.

There are many days that I don’t get to speak with my husband face to face because he works a lot. He also feels it is important for him to spend time with the children when he gets home. I absolutely love that he is a hands on dad.

We communicate via text or phone calls throughout the day, but it is never enough. I need to see him, smell him, and touch him without interruption.

My husband feels the same way.

My Date Night Pledge

At the beginning of 2017 I made a promise to my marriage to have more date nights with my husband. This has to be our weekly routine as a couple. So we just pencil it in our to-do list.

Yes. Date night is very important.

Going on weekly dates is crucial to the health of my marriage and to my sanity. Being with three children all day long drains my energy at times. I need down time and I need the company of my guy.

I want to give you some really great reasons to make a weekly date night commitment for your marriage.

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Your Husband Will See the Woman He Fell in Love With

While on our first date night of the year, my husband said, “there is the woman I used to know.” I smiled but inwardly I didn’t realize I had changed so much. The reason for the change is the children. While my husband is away I’m busy teaching, cleaning, breaking up sibling rivalry, and trying to find a little to breathe.

I realize that being at home with the children is part of my purpose in life. I accept the assignment joyfully. There are just some moments that are not so happy, which makes me unhappy.

So on our date, my husband saw me make jokes, laugh, and talk about everything. This are the things that made him fall in love with me.

Draw You Closer as a Couple

Couples know that in order to stay close you have to continue to make an effort to be close with your partner.

My life in the home is different than my husband’s life as he works outside of the home. It can seem as if we are living in two separate worlds.

When we come together on these weekly dates, a bond is being formed as we talk about the things we desire for ourselves as individuals and as a couple.

If you think about it, this is how all couples interact when they are dating. They are getting to know one another by eating dinner or going out for coffee while having conversations. They may plan physical activities but along the drive to and fro they are talking.

I realized we needed this interaction other than coming together to talk about the budget at our dinner table.

You Will Feel Better

We were feeling stressed. When we were away from all of the cares of home life we felt like a heaviness was lifted from us. It made us better equipped to return home to resume life as usual.

Simple Evening Plans

It is the little things that matter to me.

My husband took me to Starbucks on a date night because I requested it. I was really aiming to enjoy coffee, conversation, and my favorite cheese danish pastry. I enjoyed those things, but my husband made sure to create a feeling of being on date. He bought a small gift and a card that expressed his feelings. He opened doors for me. I kind of felt as if he was treating this small outing as a first date.

His thoughtfulness in creating a lovely evening is what really mattered.

Date night, 3 really good reasons why your marriage needs a weekly date night
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Life can get so hectic that we can forget to nurture the relationship that brought us the home, the children, and the things. Never forget to set time away with your spouse. This type of connect is so important. If you haven’t made this type of commitment then it is time. Where will you go on your date?

3 Good Reasons Why Your Marriage Needs Weekly Date Nights

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