Tips to be a fulfilled stay at home mom
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I became a stay at home mom because I had no choice.

I had a really good job, newly married, and had a baby on the way in 2011.

Life was good.

The seemingly perfect life I lived turned into cause for great panic.

It all began in the winter of 2011. I officially became a stay at home mom after I lost my job. Then, I lost my unemployment benefits a year later. I couldn’t go back to work when I was pregnant because I became high-risk.

My husband told me that I didn’t have to do back to work. I immediately leaped at the chance to stay home with my children. I soon learned this new move as a stay at home mom was going to be a big transition.

There was no training for stay at home moms. There was no one I could turn to. Every woman I knew worked outside of the home. I didn’t even think to research blog posts on this subject.

I found myself thinking about what women did in 1950, when homemaking was considered a normal part of married life.

Ok…they cooked, cleaned, did the budget….

But it felt like there was much more do because I was so conditioned to be in the workforce.

My worked fulfilled me. It gave me a sense of accomplishment.

So how could I feel fulfilled in a new position as a stay at home mom that did not come with instructions and had no pay?

Here are my tips on being fulfilled as a stay at home mom. I had to learn this as I went along…


What do you see in the future for your children and household as a stay at home mom?

I saw a bright future for my children as their  homeschool teacher. I saw the benefits of homeschooling years before I had my own children. Once I was laid off, I decided to make homeschool life our family’s life.

This is a perfect example of how you can set a vision or goal for your family as a stay at home mom.

Some examples might be to get out of debt, buy a new mini-van  at the end of the year, or help your children win scholarships for college.

Whatever you decide to envision for your family, you can get them all involved in working towards accomplishing those things.

Reward Yourself

Getting a steady paycheck was my reward for 80 hours of work every two weeks. Since I was not receiving a paycheck I had to pay myself in a different way.

One of the things I did was to remind myself of my accomplishments throughout the week. Currently, I am on a mission to keep the house clean for an entire day. I reward myself by recognizing my own feeling of satisfaction of having a fairly clean home with three children.

I am used to patting myself on my back after being a stay at home mom for 6 years. I used to write down my accomplishments every day. You can do the same thing. It will help you focus on what went right in your day instead of what went wrong.

Become a Hobbist

Tips for stay at home mom

I love to learn new things. Online learning is available in abundance. There are tons of experts ready to teach you on Udemy so you can learn things like crocheting or knitting, singing lessons, or painting. You can start searching on their site and start learning new hobbies.

It’s very affordable as there are always courses on sale.

Udemy Generic 728x90


I personally have started crocheting while being a stay at home. I mostly crochet blankets. It’s relaxing, and my children love getting blankets from me made with love.

Earn Extra Money as a Stay at Home Mom

As a stay at home, I have helped my family make ends meet with doing small things. There were times I sold items on eBay, did freelance work on Upwork, and used Fiverr to sell micro service.

There are plenty of small things you can do to generate income right from home.

Here are some ideas:

  • Blogging (promote affiliate links)
  • Write an eBook
  • Start a vlog and run ads for Adsense
  • Sell items on eBay
  • Sell gently used items on your phone using Letgo
  • Sell used designer items on Poshmark
  • Invest in a Amazon FBA business
  • Use your new crafting skills from your hobby to start an Etsy shop


Being a stay at home mom is not so bad. There is so much to do besides cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children. You can find fulfillment in all that you do.

Tips for being a happy and fulfilled stay at home mom
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Tips for Being a Happy and Fulfilled Stay at Home Mom

2 thoughts on “Tips for Being a Happy and Fulfilled Stay at Home Mom

  • January 26, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    I love how you took a different, new chapter in your life on as a challenge to learn the advantages of. Sometimes things turn out different than we expect. Sometimes they turn out better.

    • January 26, 2017 at 8:54 pm

      Yes Adrienne. Things turned out much better than I expected.

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