This Month's Featured Content

Hi! I'm Katina Davenport. This blog is inspired by the women who have guided me, and the women I have helped guide. Many of the situations we face as women can make us feel as if we are alone or inadequate. You are not. My purpose is for you to find inspiration in what is written. My prayer is that you live everyday knowing that you can live with purpose.

Have a Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship begins with a healthier you and a healthy foundation. Find articles to guide you to becoming more aware of red flags, what you actually need in a relationship and more of what you shouldn't want. 


Get Healthy and Fit

The struggle to stay healthy can be really daunting around a busy schedule. Read more about how I've overcome an autoimmune disease to get my life back, ways I'm combating my weight, and healthy living tips. 

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Strengthen My Faith

I'm most familiar with the Christian faith. It is what has sustained me to this day. If you're a woman who needs a little spiritual encouragement as a Believer then I encourage you to read these articles to strengthen your walk.